Who we are

 In a small country like Maldives, the challenge of fully utilizing the limited space and environment poses a variety of challenges to clients and professionals. Most buildings and infrastructure requires some form of earthworks or below ground construction. The building and foundation requirements increases with the scale of the project. A big challenge of vertical construction is to ensure that the designed foundations are structurally safe and serves its purpose throughout the building life. As such, a main part of a good design is optimized to the site specific conditions and requires knowledge of the environment that it is to be built on, especially the soil and water table conditions. 

We are a collective of professionals engaged in the built environment field providing consultancy services in areas of geotechnical engineering. Our specializations include basement, shallow and deep foundations, excavations, ground improvement, slopes and retaining structures. We use various field and laboratory tests, investigations and instrumentation to ensure that the designers are armed with the information needed to make our clients concept into a reality.